The Trombone section of the Lake Murray Symphony Orchestra

There probably _are_ some people who wonder what I do with all my 'free' time. Most people probably don't. Either way, some of my time is spent playing trombone and one of my outlets for doing that is as a member of the Lake Murray Symphony Orchestra. The orchestra is an all-volunteer group from the Lexington, SC area. The LMSO is now in only its 4th season and we continue to improve and perform for bigger and bigger crowds. I enjoy playing symphonic music and I've met some really nice people.

Here is the best section in the orchestra -- the trombone section ... left to right in the group pictures below:

Dr. Charles Gatch, principle
Alan Partis
Stephen Crowell, bass

We're a little like the "3 Tenors" though we're really MORE like 2 tenors and a bass.

(click on each picture for a full-size view)

For our February and March, 2007 concerts, we were joined by Russ Rhodes filling in for Dr. Gatch. Russ is a great player and we've enjoyed what he brings to the section (in addition to bringing his camera).

Three Handsome Devils ...

Alan Partis, principle
Russ Rhodes
Stephen Crowell, bass