The Official Web Site of the Partis Family Worldwide

Welcome to our family web site. While the tree on the left represents a portion of our family, this is not the complete geneology as it is known for the Partis family today. The complete tree is maintained off-site by a few other family members.

Instructions - Use your mouse with the tree on the left to drill down into the family tree. Individuals with an on-line bio have the icon next to their name. If a person has an e-mail address, or a Home Page, it will be listed there.

E-mail Addresses - If your last name is Partis, or if you're married to a Partis, OR you can show me where you fit into the Partis family tree, you can have an e-mail address in the domain. E-mail addresses come in 2 flavors (or "flavours" for those of you so inclined): POP accounts and forwarding accounts. A POP account is hosted here and you retrieve your e-mail directly, while a forwarding account simply forwards all e-mail received at your address here to any other address you specify. The choice is yours. For people with POP accounts, I can provide you with the technical particulars necessary to configure your e-mail client software.

Web Pages - Family members may also have a personal web site hosted here. Unfortunately, I cannot provide graphics and HTML services to everyone, but if you send your completed web pages and graphics files to me, I will try to get them on-line for you. It might be just as easy to host your web pages elsewhere where you have more control and just provide me with the link to your pages. Again, this is up to you.

I will be slowly updating and improving this site as time goes by. If you see any mistakes, or have any ideas for improvement, or would just like to contribute to the effort, please feel free to send me some e-mail and we'll make it happen.

- Alan Partis, Site Administrator
Lexington, South Carolina, US
of the George I/Percy/Sidney/Donald line.


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